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The Personal Training Company has always passionately believed in the powerful combination of exercise together with good nutrition to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Proper nutrition can make a dramatic difference to both your health and energy levels. If you are diligently following a programme and pushing yourself hard during your personal training sessions you will find it much easier to achieve the results that you are looking for when following correct nutritional practices.

The Personal Training Company believe in suggesting balanced adjustments to our clients’ diets, which are practical and serve to enhance their lives over the long term.

We begin by collecting detailed information about your current diet by asking you to keep a record of what you are eating and of your energy levels. With this information we can determine what is needed in your diet and establish your relationship with food.

A bespoke service is also available when The Personal Training Company will assist you with a fridge audit, accompanied visit to your supermarket, production of personalised menus from your local cafes and restaurants etc.

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