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Group Fitness Classes

The Personal Training Company offers several Group Fitness classes in and around the Bristol and Bath areas:

Outdoor Circuit Training

Circuit training is a popular form of workout for people of all levels of fitness, that targets aerobic fitness and muscular endurance simultaneously. In a class, participants work through a series of eight to 12 or more exercises for either a set time or number of reps, with little or no rest between exercises. Some circuits may involve the use of exercise equipment; others may use only body weight exercises. Others may combine both. classes are organised in a number of ways to challenge the participants and keep the workout fresh
and interesting. Bring some water and some supportive
running shoes or trainers

Timetable and venue for Outdoor Circuit Training: Victoria Park every Wednesday evening 6-7pm. Meet at the corner of the park where Nutgrove Avenue meets Hill Avenue. Bring some water and supportive running shoes or trainers.


Fit Chick Bootcamps

We encourage women to train together regardless of their ability or experience, so whether you are a complete beginner, twenty or fifty years of age, super fit or a marathon runner, you will still get a fantastic workout.

We aim to:

  • provide workouts designed to push those who want to be pushed to the max and support those who want to take it at their own level
  • empower women, whatever their age, ability, size or shape to improve their health, happiness and well being with effective training
  • show women that anything is possible with the right approach and give them sensible lifestyle advice too
  • help our clients look AND feel great by energising, educating and inspiring them
  • have fun and get RESULTS!

it Chick Bootcamps and 4 week-long kick-start/intensive are available.



Buggy Buddies

Want to look more yummy after having a baby?  

The Personal Training Company has set up Buggy Buddy workouts to help you get back into shape after becoming a Mum and allow you to exercise with your baby.

Here are the benefits of Yummy Mummy workouts:

  • your body gets strong, lean and energised as youperform highly effective exercises targeting the muscles used and abused during labour, delivery and the day to day care of your baby.  Not only will you look great, you can get rid of those aches and pains that can come with being a Mum.  
  • bring baby too! Keeping your baby within arm's reach in their buggy while you exercise is the ultimate time and energy saver; no nursery or baby sitters needed
  • your baby will love it. Buggy Buddy Fitness Training keeps your child happy! Your baby gets the best seat in the house to watch and help Mummy exercise. And when the buggy starts moving, things really get fun!
  • you help your baby recognise exercise as a positive and natural occurrence in his or her life. While many children resist exercising as they get older, your baby enjoys the process
  • make great friends - at the Buggy Buddy Fitness Training , you'll be working out with mums just like you.  Socialise while you exercise.  You'll walk away from our classes with names and numbers for Mums' nights out and an ever-growing supportive network of friends that’s only a phone call or e-mail away.

    *Remember to bring a cover for your baby if the weather is a little rainy*

Every Monday 1.30-2.30pm on The Downs (meet at the cafe by the Water Tower)



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