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How often should I see a Personal Trainer?
On average our clients work with a Personal Trainer between one and three times a week. We work with you to ensure your training fits with your schedule, goals and budget.
What do I need to bring for a Personal Training or Group Fitness session?
A towel, bottle of water, comfortable training clothes and some supportive trainers/ running shoes. Your Personal Trainer will bring EVERYTHING else that you need, including any equipment for the session, right to your home, office or local park.
For Yummy Mummy workouts with your baby, remember to bring a cover for your stroller/buggy if the weather is a little wet.
What should I expect from the first session?
You will be asked to fill out a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire).  This is a form that asks you about your medical history and will help them asses your  physical capabilities. This form serves as a safety precaution both for yourself and your Personal Trainer.  If you have had any serious health problems in the past, you will be advised to seek a doctor's approval before training.  
Your Personal Trainer will also conduct some type of an interview with you asking you questions about your goals, your training history and your availability. These responses will help in the design of your program. You will also perform some easy fitness tests, which will provide a starting point for the measurement of your fitness moving forwards as you improve.
Am I too old to train?
You are NEVER too old to start or get back into training. We have clients doing personal training in their 80's and loving it. Our Personal Trainers can design a program personalised to your schedule, routine, your needs and most importantly, your goals... whatever your age!
Where can I train?
Absolutely anywhere! We currently train clients in parks, offices, and their homes. Wherever suits you best.
Will you give me a programme to follow when I am not with a trainer?
Of course. The Personal Training Company will design a safe and progressive program for you to follow throughout your training, both during your sessions with your trainer and for you at home out of sessions.
Can I train with a friend?
Absolutely. It's a great way to get that extra motivation and support and reduce the cost of your session.
How long is each session?
Most clients prefer an hour session but we can discuss timeframes to suit your schedule.
Can I reschedule or change my appointments with my trainer?
Many of our clients travel regularly so we are used to rescheduling appointments on a fortnightly, monthly or weekly basis. So long as we receive notice no less than the 24 hours before your session, we can reschedule the session without charge.
Are your Personal Trainers fully qualified?
This should be asked of any Personal Trainer. All of our trainers are professionally and fully qualified, meeting requirements for registration as Personal Trainers with The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). They are also insured, experienced, fun, motivated and determined to help you achieve your goals!



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